Why Emboss Your Purchase


At our Maxwell – Scott York headquarters we emboss our products to transform them into personalised pieces. Totally unique, each and every time, there is certainly an art to leather embossing

What Is Leather Embossing?

Leather embossing refers to the last stage in the production process in which tools can be used to emboss a design, logo or otherwise into the leather. The tools include metal plates, rollers, sliders, and manual tools. At Maxwell-Scott, we use a classic hot stamping method which leaves an imprint on the Italian vegetable-tanned material. Usually, a set of initials are stamped into the leather in order to personalise the piece, however, important quotes or dates are also wonderful ways in which to create unique leather gifts.

Meet Our Head Embosser, Philip

Maxwell-Scott is founded on craftsman and so, our head embosser Philip is crucial to the final step in creating each unique piece. He says that:

Embossing leather is all about clarity and accuracy. It takes just a few moments to stamp the foil into the leather’s grain however, this is only a small part of the process. As with most crafts, the preparation is crucial for the best results. Ensuring that the heat, the pressure, the timing and the surface level is perfect takes years of practice.”

Understandably considering his passion for the work, Philip has been in the leather repair and retail trade since 1984. He ran a shop, workshop and online site until 2014. By January 2016, Philip started at Maxwell-Scott. Using two machines (they are the Kwikprint models 25 and 86), Philip works tirelessly to produce the very best result – he is rather a perfectionist in that regard. He is revered in the office and we are pleased to say that our head embosser also qualifies as one of the nicest of men in the business.

Why Emboss Your Purchase
The Jesolo2 in black, embossed in silver
The Calvino in dark chocolate brown, embossed in gold

Our leather embossing service offers you the opportunity to personalise an item either to ensure that it is totally particular to yourself or to create a wonderful gift. It is the final thoughtful touch to any piece which will mean that it will be truly treasured. If the bag, briefcase or accessory is for yourself then your stamped initials will inevitably add a certain finesse to your over all look. Therefore, whether for you or your beloved, embossing your Italian leather purchase is the final flourish.

Your Options

Our in-house embossing team has the possibility to personalise your Maxwell-Scott Italian leather purchase with up to 15 letters. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of leather embossing does not relate solely to the initials that you choose. There is also a choice of colours. These are:


This is best with the black leather as here, it truly shines. It also matches with the metalware which ensures a cohesive and classic look.


Gold is the best option for our dark chocolate brown or chestnut tan leathers. These are both rich enough in tone to complement the classic gold foil embossing.


A more modern choice, this colourway works with each of the leathers. Copper is most visible on the black vegetable-tanned leather but adds a more subtle finish to either of the brown shades.


This is our most subtle option. Blind refers to the fact that there is no colour. As such, it is best suited to the individual who admires personalised pieces but wants a discrete choice.

We use our expertise and experience to determine the best placement of the lettering appropriate to the design of the product. For added clarity, the embossing is usually visible on the product pages as well. If you choose to emboss, it will be an added £10 extra and an additional five days added to the delivery time.

For Your Gifts

The Art Of Gift Giving

As mentioned, leather embossing is a wonderful way in which to create a bespoke gift. In the art of gift giving, it is most certainly the thought that counts and consequently, leather embossing can provide this moment of consideration for the recipient. With this, a personalised leather gift is so much more individual which will ensure their adoration for the offering. It is the perfect way in which to create a Christmas gift over the coming months which will be treasured. It is especially for them, for a lifetime.

Corporate Gifting

Another opportunity which the leather embossing service at Maxwell-Scott provides is the possibility of corporate gifting. We offer a one-on-one service which allows you to curate beautiful leather corporate gifts for any occasion. It is possible for your company emblem to be embossed onto our products – providing gifts which are unique to you. Our service also offers you the freedom to choose where you would like your logo embossed in a range of colours and sizes. They will certainly be memorable gifts that exceed your expectations.

If you have any further questions regarding our leather embossing service, please consult our personalisation pages

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